John Edwards Scandal-Hot Spots?

We now know the truth about former Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards.

When public figures are caught in the middle of a lie, it draws an incredible amount of attention and former Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards has done just that.

The public has come to know that not only was he untruthful about his affair, he has recently confessed to fathering a child with his mistress Rielle Hunter. What makes this matter worse is that Edwards initially vehemently denied having an affair and fathering a child with Hunter. While he did come clean about his affair on an interview on Nightline, Edwards still denied knowing anything about the baby.

There are 2 parts to the John Edwards interview on Nightline, which can be seen below.

In the first video, pay particular attention to Edward’s behavior when he is denying the affair (which is shown leading up to the featured interview)

In the second video, pay particular attention to when Edwards is denying knowing anything about the baby we know know he fathered with Rielle Hunter.

Look for discrepancies between verbal and nonverbal actions, hot spots and micro and subtle expressions.

Let us know what you see!

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7 responses to “John Edwards Scandal-Hot Spots?”

  1. I didn’t get a chance to go through the entirety of both videos. Here’s what I saw:
    0:42 sec, Watch JE shake his head “No” and shrug with his rt. hand as he tells the Interviewer he “loves his wife”
    1:39 this time with a shoulder shrug as he denies publicly his affair
    3:10 watch as he is listening to the question about his affair as his face morphs into a subtle angry expression
    3:24 a full emblematic shrug as he responds “I don’t respond to these lies”, I love the irony of his response.
    5:06 JE shifts in his seat to get comfy displaying is obvious discomfort as the stress increases
    5:07 theres a subtle mix of emotions that is difficult to distinguish but it looks like a hint of anger before he basically says he doesn’t want to answer the question.
    I had to stop there as I ran out of time.

    Who else can spot more signs of deceptions or discomfort?

  2. Two more observations, this time on the second video, I only watched the first minute:

    0:51 “I would welcome participating in a paternity test”, head shaking no all the while. Also, the way he words his statement distances himself from the situation ever so slightly…. he’d welcome participating, yeah as long as he could administer it on someone else.
    1:02 ever so slight curling of the left corner lip revealing his contempt, head still shaking no as he states “love to see it happen”

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  4. Good observations Andrew.

    In the first video John Edwards does a lot of head shakes and shrugs, especially when he is referring to his wife, Elizabeth. You already pointed these things out already but just wanted to reiterate.

    When he is speaking about his wife, they are all positive things: “I love her, will do anything for her…” “She is completely committed to the cause” “I’ve been in love with the same woman for 30+years”

    These statements are all usually accompanied by shoulder shrugs (meaning “I don’t know”) and shaking of the head (“no”) which definitely are hot spots: where the verbals contradict his nonverbal actions.

  5. Carlos Coto says:

    On the second video, there might be trace of a smile, where he is saying she is in no way responsible for this… 0.48 sec.

  6. Carlos Coto says:

    Also on the second video…

    0.52 “would welcome participating in a paternity test” I see Contempt, flash on his face..
    2.42 “Nothing was resolved…” surprise micro
    2.46 “I didn’t talk about paying any money…” subtle expression of anger
    4.43 when John Edwards is asked if he payed money, he does not answer directly, he talks about the source of the information… Distancing Statement.
    6.27 “All I know is I had no participation in anything like you’re describing… Distancing Language
    7.13 “Is it posible that he (Fred Baron) wanted to help them because they were in a difficult time…” emblematic shrug.
    7.33 “Do I think its possible that he was trying to help me…” Anger micro…
    10.05 “I don’t think anything is ended,… I see no end…” Subtle expression of anger.

  7. Tyler E says:

    First of all, hello everyone.
    first I would like to point out his body language during the whole interview. Hands in front of crotch saying he is feeling vulnerable. Feet pointed towards what I can only assume to be the exit, while the heel of the other foot remains lifted off the floor almost as if he is trying to get up and leave. this alone signifies his true feelings about this interview.

    you all have spotted some wonderful deception clues, there is one i would like to add however….
    in the second video at about the 42 second mark when he claims that his wife has nothing to do with the affair, he shows a quick expression of disbelief, in other words, he has no confidence in what he is saying.

    thank you

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