Spread the Word- Humintell’s FB Challenge

Help spread the world about the fascinating world of concealed emotion by joining Humintell’s Facebook Challenge!

By joining Humintell’s Facebook Page, you can have the chance to earn a free license key to one of our 4 main products: MiX Original Microexpression Training, MiX 2 Advanced Microexpression Training, SubX Professional Subtle Expression Training and Dangerous Demeanor Detector.

By February 15, 2010 if the Humintell Facebook Page has:

350-449 Fans, we will give out 1 MiX License Key, 1 MiX 2 License Key, 1 SubX License Key, 1 D3 Key to 4 Different Individuals

450-549 Fans, we will give out 2 MiX License Keys, 2 MiX 2 License Keys, 2 SubX License Keys, 2 D3 Keys to 8 Different Individuals

550+ Fans, we will give out 4 MiX License Keys, 4 MiX 2 License Keys, 4 SubX License Keys, 4 D3 Keys to 16 Different Individuals

As of January 27, 2010 we currently have 369 Fans! Please help spread the word and earn the chance to receive a FREE license key to one of our 4 great products!

2 responses to “Spread the Word- Humintell’s FB Challenge”

  1. Robert Dodge says:

    It would be good to have a league table to see who introduced the most fan’s.
    I currently see I have 35 friends who have joined since 30th January 2010.
    Maybe the top introducer could be entitled to all the Keys!

    Robert Dodge.aka Dr Rob 🙂

  2. Hi Dr. Rob,
    Thanks for your suggestion! We will definitely take it into consideration for our next FB Challege. For this one, we are giving everyone an equal chance…thank you for getting so many people to sign on!!
    ~Customer Support

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