Emotions Run High at Winter Olympics

For those that have been following the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, there have been many stories of triumph and tragedy. Athletes have showcased their superb athletic ability to overcome adversity and rise to the challenge of being the greatest sportsman in the world.

Oftentimes, sporting events such as the Olympics are an ideal place to study emotion because of the high stakes that are involved.

Many times athletes only have 1 change to attain an Olympic Medal and the pressure is unimaginably intense. While most of us would crumble under the pressure, some rise above it and are able to perform their best.

What are some of the characteristics that people notice while watching these sporting events?

Notice that all the winners have almost an instantaneous release of emotion when their routine, run or skate is done. It is almost as if they have held their concentration and controlled their emotions for so long that as soon as they cross that finish line or finish their routine, there is an immediate sense of relief and elation.

Many, if not all, athletes raise their hands in triumph when they know they have achieved their goal. They can hardly control their emotions and literally cannot wipe the smile off their face.

In case you missed some of the gold medal performances, take a look at the videos below by clicking on the image.

shaun-white-snowboarding-ha-780252 Shawn White: 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

See his Gold Medal Run in Vancouver by clicking on his image


vonn534Lindsey Vonn: Olympic Gold Medalist

See her Gold Medal Downhill Run by clicking on her image


Evan_Lysacek_Podium_2009_4CCEvan Lysacek: Olympic Gold Medalist

See his Gold Medal Skate by clicking on his image

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