Winners of Our FB Challenge!

Humintell is excited to announce the winners of their FB Challenge! Our FB Contest ended on February 15, 2010. Our goal was to reach over 550 Fans and current on the page we have 584 fans. A big thank you to everyone who participated!

Winners of the MiX License Keys: Bob Wilson, Anna Tritschler, Pedro Martin and Dinesh Selva

Winners of the MiX 2 License Keys: Boyko Kanev, Markus Westin, Melissa Zavala Croft and Jeff Shepard

Winners of the SubX License Keys: Corey Zollinger, Alexis Abarca Justiniane, Jerry Lam, Daniel Hovyani

Winners of the D3 License Keys: Diana Smith Gallager, Simon Anna, Kathleen Keane, Mark Hou

You can still become a fan of our FB Page by clicking here. Fans will receive microexpression news, links to interactive and interesting websites and more!

Also, please take a moment to take a 2 minute survey regarding future webinars and receive $5 off your next webinar purchase!

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