Infants Facial Recognition Could Help Detect Autism

Good Morning America featured a story on December 4, 2009 that was both interesting and fascinating.

Researchers at Children’s Hospital in Boston as well as scientists from Harvard University are hoping that the ability of infants to read facial expressions could prove to be an early indication of individuals with autism.

This new research studies the brain activity of infants when they look at certain facial expressions, including images of their own mother.

You can watch the full episode HERE

2 responses to “Infants Facial Recognition Could Help Detect Autism”

  1. Robert Dodge says:

    I found this short video very interesting and thank you for posting it.
    I have a step son with Aspergers Syndrome which is quite challenging at times so it is always good to hear when people are looking at possible connections and all further knowledge about people on the autistic spectrum.


  2. M. Shaheen Khatieb says:

    Could the same not be said of people with ADHD? I can only assume that it would.

    Does eye movement and facial expression correspond to brain activity? If emotion is innate, then I would think so too.

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