Lie to Me- Season 2 Episode 1 “The Core of It” Comments

lietomewhite-spaceThe season premiere of the hit show Lie to Me (Fox TV) started this past Monday with a bang.

It was great drama, with a murder, multiple personality disorder, the hint of illicit sexual affairs of a potential Supreme Court nominee, and family drama involving divorces and kids. I was truly amazed when I sat back and thought of all the little micro scripts that were playing out in the 44 minutes of show time. It was compelling.

I love watching drama because for me it’s a sort of recreation. I can just lose my mind about the seriousness of work and relax without thinking very much. As a person in the field who actually does the type of work depicted on the show, with real law enforcement officers and many individuals and organizations in the government, the seriousness and gravity of our work can be very heavy.

After all, we deal with the same kinds of issues with the same kinds of people as depicted in the show. We take very seriously the obligation and responsibility with which that comes, as do all of the hard working and dedicated individuals in the law enforcement communities with whom we are privileged to work.

Of course, the show is drama, albeit compelling drama, and doesn’t always reflect the reality of the science or the work. I wish there were scientific backup for ways of spotting an affair, or knowing that “exhale marks the spot,” and being a lie detector with 100% accuracy on the basis of only one behavior.

In reality, it takes individuals who are not only trained well in reading nonverbal behaviors but also those who can skillfully apply those skills in building rapport, establishing relationships, and eliciting and vetting information. Fortunately most skilled professionals out there who are trained can apply those scientifically based skills artfully, and it is our privilege and honor to work with them.

Indeed, if one were a Cal Lightman, one might be accurate but no one would want to work with you!

If you missed the episode and want to see it, click here!

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