Microexpression Questions Answered

I’ve never taken any microexpression training before. Which product is right for me?

If you’ve never taken any microexpression training before, we highly suggest you start with MiX Lite ($29) or MiX Original ($59). Both MiX Lite and MiX Original will teach you how to detect microexpressions in others, by having you take a pre-test, go through various instructional videos, practice and finally, a post test. You can set the speed of your training, for the expressions to flash at you as slow as 1/2 a second and as fast as 1/16 of a second.

I’ve taken some microexpression training, such as METT 2 or MiX Original. Which product is right for me?

If you’ve taken some sort of basic microexpression training, we suggest you take our Advanced Microexpression Training, MiX 2 ($79). MiX 2 will teach you how to detect microexpressions in others from all angles. The training consists of various images flashing at you from the frontal view, profile (90 degree view) and also the 3/4 side view.

Multiple angle microexpression training is unique to Humintell. This one of a kind training is not available anywhere else.

Alternatively, you could also jump right into MiX Professional or MiX Elite, which are two of our newest trainings. Both trainings feature brand new instructional videos and information. MiX Professional features images from just the frontal view while MiX Elite features images from all angles. MiX Elite contains all the information that is presented in MiX Professional.

What are some other supplemental materials I can use to help my microexpression detection skills?

We highly recommend that you take MiX Original, then MiX 2 then MiX Pro or MiX Elite. After you’ve completed these trainings, you can purchase MiX 3 ($49) or MiX 2 Additional Training ($12) as supplemental training materials. MiX 3 is a comprehensive training, which includes instructional videos and pre and post tests to train you to detect microexpressions from only the profile view (90 degree angle) . MiX 2 Additional Training features only practice images (no instructional video or tests) from the profile view only. The MiX 2 Additional Training is meant to supplement the MiX and MiX 2 training.

What other trainings are available after I’ve completed all your microexpression training?

After you’ve completed the MiX, MiX 2, MiX Pro or MiX Elite and the supplemental training, we suggest that you move onto the subtle expression training. If you’re interested in learning more about the practical application of the skills you have learned, consider purchasing a recording of our Evaluting Truthfulness Webinar

I don’t want to spend a lot of money. Which product is best for me?

For individuals on a tighter budget, we offerMiX Lite ($29) which is an abbreviated version of our MiX Original Training.

Take a look at the chart below to see which product may be best for you:

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