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Dangerous Demeanor Detector (D-Cubed)

Humintell is excited to announce the re-release of our dangerous demeanor detector training.

D-cubed (D3) teaches you to recognize the facial expression of an individual who is likely to immediately become violent. It was created based on years of research that was initially sparked by materials provided by the U.S. Secret Service and recently completed with support from the US Department of Defense.

Our research has involved law enforcement officers in five different countries around the world, all of whom have been attacked physically, remembered the face of the attacker, and identified the expression that occurred just moments before the attack.  Our data show a high degree of agreement across the cultures and officers on the face of imminent assault.

Who is D3 for?

For anyone who might by in harm’s way including

  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Interrogators
  • Investigators
  • Protective Services Agents
  • Emergency Room Personnel
  • EMTs

We’re also excited to announce we’ll also be releasing a BRAND NEW version of Dangerous Demeanor Detector which will include new, updated instructional and practice images.


Nonverbal Communication: Science and Application

Edited By Dr. David Matsumoto, Dr. Mark Frank and Dr. Hyi Sung Hwang

Many books on nonverbal communication focus on either the science or practical application, but not both. The editors of this book present a true scientist-practitioner model, blending cutting-edge behavioral science with real-world practical experience – the first of its kind to merge theoretical and practical worlds.

This text contains up-to-date reviews of scientific knowledge concerning facial expressions, voice, body and gesture, cultural influences on nonverbal behavior, and deception.

In addition, experienced practitioners describe how they use nonverbal communication in their work to improve accuracy and proficiency.

This book comes out in April 2012

Order your copy through Sage today!


IntelliCulture: Humintell’s Cross-Cultural Adaptation Course

Developed by Drs. David Matsumoto and Hyi Sung Hwang, two of the leading researchers in the field of cross-cultural psychology, this course will help broaden your understanding of culture and provide you with useful tips on how to leverage cultural differences to improve interactions with all people of all cultures.

Intelliculture will feature:

-Pre Test to test your basic knowledge of culture

-4 Instructional Modules which include self assessments and review sections (What is Culture, The Contents of Culture, Cultural Encounters, Leveraging Cultural Differences)

-A Post Test to see how far you’ve come

Participants will learn:

-The definition of culture, contents of culture and how to leverage cultural differences

A great tool and resource for anyone who wants to learn more about culture and how it affects our lives.

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