Why You Should Learn How to Read Facial Expressions of Emotion

Strong Predictor of Workplace Performance

The ability to read emotions in others and in oneself has proven through research to be the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence.

A recent study even suggests people who are in tune with their colleagues’ emotions are more likely to bring home a bigger paycheck than their emotionally-stunted colleagues!


Increased Ability to Detect Deception

Research has demonstrated that when motivated people lie, and there are stakes if they are caught, clues to deception do emerge, and appear as leakage across multiple channels.

The number one channel where this leakage occurs? You got it, facial expressions of emotion. You can read more about this research here.


Alleviates Facial Affect Recognition Deficits in Children with Autism

Multiple research studies have concluded that be using a computerized emotion recognition training program (like MiX), children with autism could improve their facial expression recognition ability.

More information on these research studies conducted can be found here and here.


Reduce Subsequent Crime in Juvenile Offenders with Antisocial Behavior

Researchers in the UK found that boys who improved their ability to recognize fear, anger and sadness in others’ faces were significantly less violent and severe that those who did not receive training.

The study involved 50 boys who had been convicted of a crime. More on this fascinating research can be found here.

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