April Smile Challenge Winner

ArturoThank you to the many people who submitted their best smiles for our April Smile Challenge!

We’ve picked our winning smile picture that was submitted by “Arturo”.

Here’s a guy who is smiling but clearly not because of enjoyment.

Note the raising of the brows, stronger on the right side than the left, suggesting skepticism or something like that. Also note the LACK of orbicularis oculi, and the lip tightening on both sides along with the smile muscle. He may also have a little bit of lower lip press and some lip tightening, indicating some control.

FACS Codes are as follows: 

R1C + L1B + R2C + L2C + 12C + 14C + 17B + 24B

One response to “April Smile Challenge Winner”

  1. angela says:

    I see everything that was pointed out but you don’t say anything about the tears in his eyes. To me he looks like he just came out of a visitation from a funeral home. He is obviously very sad and about to cry, but trying to hold it in.

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