“You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To”


An inspirational, emotional story comes out of Louisville where a woman named Asia Ford was determined to finished the Rodes City Run 10K race.

Ford has spent the past two years on a journey to get healthy. Once weighing 474 pounds, she has lost over 200 pounds and decided to enter the race as her latest fitness challenge. After training for months, Ford started to struggle during the fourth mile. Police Lt. Aubrey Gregory, who was working at the event, noticed she was in pain and asked if she wanted to stop.

“The EMS guys got out to check on her and she said I’m not stopping, I’m not stopping,” Lt. Aubrey Gregory tells WAVE, “so I said I’m not going to let her stop — we’re going to do this together! So I got out and I grabbed her hand. I had to meet this inspirational woman.”

Together, they finished the race.

“When you see the photo, just know that you’re worth it and you can do anything you put your mind to,” says Asia.

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