15 Interview Questions that Measure Emotional Intelligence

dreamstimefree_186042In a recent blog, we told you about┬áresearch that suggests that a person’s ability to read emotions could be correlated to how much they earn. So what kinds of questions could you ask as an interviewer to find out an interviewee’s emotional intelligence?

More and more companies are asking interview questions that are designed to measure a candidate’s ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions.

According to Phil Johnson, founder of Master of Business Leadership (MBL) Inc., here are the most common questions that get asked:

1) How will this role help you to achieve what you want?
2) What makes you laugh?
3) When is the last time you were embarrassed? (What happened? How did you handle the situation?)
4) What activities energize and excite you?
5) How do you have fun?
6) What are two personal habits that have served you well?
7) How good are you at accepting help from others?
8) How good are you at asking for help?
9) What is one of the internal battles to have each day?
10) What makes you angry?
11) What aspect of your work are you passionate about?
12) How could you create more balance in your life?
13) Who inspires you? Why?
14) On an “average day” would you consider yourself a high or low energy person?
15) On an “average day” is your main focus on results and tasks or people and emotions?

“Emotional intelligence multiplies the results and effectiveness of intellectual intelligence,” Johnson writes in a LinkedIn post entitled “20 Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions“. “Emotional labor is the most difficult type of work to do and up until now, the easiest to avoid. It is the essential education we need to embrace the unimaginable.”

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