3 Simple Steps to Making a Good First Impression

Hand Shake - Cooperation and Competition in Intercultural Interactions- HumintellWe’ve all heard the saying that “first impressions last a lifetime” and this holds particularly true in the professional world.

An informative article in Business News Daily gives 3 simple tips you can use “whether you’re interviewing for a job, giving a sales pitch or meeting an industry contact” to project confidence and establish rapport.

Larry Caretsky, president of customer relationship management software provider Commence, suggests the following tips:

1) Dress for success and project confidence. Make sure you look professional and well groomed. Project a successful image and you’re more likely to become successful. confidence is also key; if you seem confident, people will assume you have reason to be.

2) Establish rapport with a smile, handshake and body language. When you give someone a warm, genuine smile, you’re sending the message that you are friendly and approachable. Give a firm handshake with eye contact. To tell the difference between a social and genuine smile, take our test!

3) Keep the pace of your conversation unhurried. People who encounter a salesperson who speaks rapidly will develop a sense of mistrust. Speak slowly and articulately.

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