New Animation Technology

Nito, an animation technology company, has come up with a new app that uses advanced facial tracking technology to allow its users to create their very own personalized avatar.

This new facial software is boasted to have much more life like qualities in comparison with typical facial recognition software because Nito maps faces regardless of race, facial hair, piercings, gasses, and other non-conforming feature that make using “marker-reliant” software difficult. The markerless technology is being used in a novel way, but the implications are broader than what most people will see at first glance, notes the company.

Nito’s software will also allow its users to easily share their creations via social media such as Facebo0k, Twitter, SMS and email.

Using this new technology is as simple as downloading an app and following the prompts. The only downfall is that this app is solely available for iPhone and iPad users.

Android users will have to wait until Fall to be able to check this out.

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