Last Chance to Register! “The World of Gestures” Webinar, June 7th

Saturday June 7, 2014

10:00 am-11:30 am, Pacific Time

Led by Humintell Director and World-Renowned Psychologist, Dr. David Matsumoto


Picture1Learn what gestures are, the different types of gestures that exist, and how you can use that information to better read people when interacting with them!

A fantastic supplement to our facial expression recognition training!

This 90 minute webinar will improve your ability to:

  • Understand what gestures are and their significance

  • Gain insight into a person’s motivation, personality and intentions

  • Understand what and how others are thinking

By incorporating a PowerPoint presentation with multiple video examples from cultures around the world, this will be a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in furthering their knowledge in nonverbal communication.

What happens when I purchase the webinar?

When you purchase the webinar you’ll be sent a link and access information that you will use to view the webinar on June 6, 2014. We use Adobe Connect Pro software. The authentication process prevents people from passing the link to others who have not purchased the webinar.

Please note that the webinar link is strictly for personal use only and if we see abuse of it, we will promptly cancel your access to it. Distribution of training materials is also strictly prohibited.

See what people are saying about Dr. Matsumoto:

Professor Matsumoto is a very energetic and effective speaker and was able to keep the participants fully focused on a Friday. It is obvious just how knowledgeable he is, and is, frankly brilliant

– Michael E.

He was one of the most impressive speakers I have ever seen/heard. Interesting, intelligent, engaging and informative.

– Shawn D

The instructor was very engaging, exceptionally knowledgeable and very good at the progression of the class. I only wish we had more time.

-Sergeant Rich Jones, San Francisco Police Department (May 2013)

One of the best presentations of any conference in the last 20 years. The Professor was very engaged and made learning fun. There was a great balance between lecture and application.

-American Defense Council

An excellent instructor with incredible knowledge.  I will look at people completely different.  I learned a valuable skill set.

-Menlo Park Police Department

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