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A new member driven marketing organization focused on the “total market experience” has announced its plans to launch at the first Total Market Industry Conference in September.

According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Cross Cultural Marketing and Communications Association (CCMCA) will provide information on marketing awareness, training, education and certification.

Not only are marketing techniques and education available at this conference but  $10-15 trillion dollars is on the line!  The CCMCA is a marketing organization founded on the need for a new approach that incorporates a better understanding of consumer behaviors, engagements, etc with all of the technological advances that are now available to companies.

The goal of CCMCA is to transform global marketing by providing a total market enterprise (TIME) certification process.

Our mission is to provide total market enterprise awareness, training and certification for brands.  Given the shift in consumption demographics, where minorities are now the majority consumption population in most U.S. cities, we need to create a model that’s reflective of the new marketplace.” said Jeffrey L. Bowman, The CCMCA founder, Managing Director, Senior Partner, Cross-Cultural Practice Lead at Ogilvy & Mather.  ”

The meaning of a Global Community has been transformed by the exponential advancement in technology over the past 20 years.  It is no question that marketing strategies also need to be transformed in order to keep up with the changing consumer environment.

The perfect way to change marketing is to understand the cultural differences in your consumers.  The goal of any company today is to market to people of various nations.  To be successful in global marketing you need to understand culture and how it influences behavior.

Humintell understands this growing need and has developed IntelliCulture, which helps improve an individual’s understanding of culture, how to overcome cultural differences, understand what culture is an how it influences behavior.

Take a minute to look at IntelliCulture Humintell’s Cross Cultural Adaptation Course. It may be perfect for you or your company.

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