Beating Bullying with Body Language


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School has already started for many students and with so many pre-teen and teenage kids already in or starting school, anti bullying campaigns have begun.

No one likes to be bullied and in our socially aware and interactive society, bullying is becoming taboo.  Anti-bullying campaigns across the nation are hard at work trying to keep peace and security in our schools.

After all students should feel safe in an environment where they have to go every week day whether they like it or not.  If we can create a positive environment /experience then perhaps shy and awkward kids would excel more in social interactions or studies and we would have less drop out rates…at least that’s the plan, right? along with Vanessa Van Edwards has some helpful tips to boost your kids confidence and ward off potential bullies.

1. Be confident or at least fake it til you make it:  Avoid having eyes downcast and shoulders hunched forward. Doing so releases a stress hormone and makes one look vulnerable. Even small adjustments in body language can decrease stress and make one look and feel more confident.

2.  Kids should not try to hide behind their desks.  Try keeping your hands on top of the desk and your feet on the ground.

3.  Kids should avoid sitting at the back of the bus as the long walk back can give some kids anxiety.

4. Eye contact is always a plus. Even in business settings eye contact exudes confidence.

Most importantly, Remember that kids tend to imitate their parents:  “If you’re talking to your kids about going back to school and you’re shoulders and neck are tense, your kids will pick up on that and mimic your body language,” Edwards said.

Display confidence in your body language in front of your children especially if they are lacking it.

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