Cross Cultural Training

IntelliCulture, designed by culture and emotion experts Drs. David Matsumoto and Hyisung Hwang  is one of the leading cross- cultural adaptation tools on the market.

This interactive online tool is perfect for ANYONE who interacts with people from different cultures.

How can we learn to compete and win on the world stage of business in this competitive job market?

B2B  reports on emotion in the work place and how phrases such as, “Nothing personal It’s just business” and Peter Drucker’s infamous phrase, “Culture eats strategy for lunch” are good points but only have value when placed in the proper context.

Culture has become a huge part of business interactions more so than it was 30 years ago.  Culture can drive engagement and the key factor in the relationship between culture and  engagement is Emotion.

Learning how to harness Healthy Emotion is the key to balancing different cultures and improving engagement.

Below are a few tips from B2B on making emotion work for you:

1.  Determine Important Emotions – Ones that will help serve organizational goals best.

2.  Align Emotions with Values.

3.  Set Targets.

4.  A Process not a One Time Event.

It is often the emotional connection to contributing to something bigger than one’s self that calls forth that discretionary effort which cannot be demanded by a job description as well as the emotional connection of those leading you putting effort into your own professional development that makes people find solutions that current processes tend to hide from view.

 Do you have any tips on Regulating Emotions or Creating Emotionally Healthy & Productive  work environments ?

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