Tina Maze’s Emotional Reaction

As reported in USA Today, on the run before Lindsey Vonn’s horrific crash at the world championships, current World Cup leader Tina Maze made it cleanly down the course, finishing with a time that would eventually win the competition.

Maze watched from the bottom of the hill while Vonn, racing in her signature event, skied the fastest time of the opening leg and trailed by 0.12 seconds at the next gate. Then Vonn landed awkwardly after a routine jump, buckled her right leg and tumbled down the mountain. Maze, a rival of Vonn’s, saw the whole thing.

Take a look at the emotional video below which illustrates how quickly emotions can cycle on and off the face. What do you see?

YouTube Preview Image

Vonn, the four-time World Cup winner was airlifted off the mountain and suffered “cruciate and lateral ligament” damage, according to an FIS official. European television stations are reporting Vonn has suffered multiple knee injuries and will miss the rest of the season.

The Sochi Olympics begin one year from last Thursday.

6 responses to “Tina Maze’s Emotional Reaction”

  1. Stu Dunn says:

    Unfortunately the video isn’t showing up on the page for me…

  2. Stu Dunn says:

    Ok, now it is. Sorry 😉

  3. Nina Isme says:

    shock, no one wants to see another competitor crash, also she feared for her safety.

  4. Alin E says:

    I’m thinking .. Happiness at the first few seconds .. Then surprise? Also maybe fear at the last second

  5. Vilson says:

    Happiness, fear and surprise

  6. Nathan says:

    Suprise it’s quite obvious. But I think that I also see some fear and sadness at the end.

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