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Body Language is a crucial aspect in effectively working with other people.  People read much of what you are feeling via your body language.  Stanford Graduate School of Business reports on body language and leadership.

So how can you make the most of what your body is saying ?

Deborah Gruenfeld, a social psychologist at Stanford Graduate School of Business, has a very interesting answer.

Before a critical meeting with your boss, an important customer, or your teenage son or daughter, do you spend time mentally roughing out and revising what you are going to say?  If so, Gruenfeld says you are misdirecting your energy. She suggests spend time practicing how to walk, stand, sit, and quickly grasp how other people are moving their bodies.

“Your status,” Gruenfeld purports, “is determined by physical attributes and nonverbal cues. People decide if you are competent in less than 100 milliseconds.”  She has plenty of evidence of the importance of body posture and tone of voice.  Research tells her that it isn’t the quality of her argument that will persuade people; it is rather how she conveys it.

 How can You be a good Leader?

The pitch, volume, and pace of your voice affect what people think you said about five times as much as the actual words you used.  It is interesting to note that intelligence (according to other research) is not a strong predictor of good leadership skills.

She goes on to report that high-status people generally let their bodies take more space than low-status people.  That alone makes them both appear and feel relaxed.

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