Analyzing Lance Armstrong’s Nonverbal Behavior

It’s no secret that one of the biggest headlines in the past week has been Lance Armstrong coming clean about his usage of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) over the course of his career. For years, Armstrong denied the use of PEDs, including during his SCA deposition in 2005 and many other media outlets.

Take a look at Armstrong’s body language, facial expressions and behavior in the short clip below from the SCA deposition 8 years ago. What do you see? Do any of his nonverbal behaviors contradict with what he is saying?

Compare his nonverbal behavior to the video below where Armstrong admits to using PEDs to Oprah Winfrey. Do you notice a difference?

Humintell director Dr. David Matsumoto commented on the short clip above and stated the following: “I think for the most part he’s telling the truth. Of course he is not telling everything and he is holding back many thoughts and feelings”

You can see Armstrong holding back his thoughts and feelings by his many expressions of control throughout the interview. For more about the expression of control, take a look at this past blog article.

Did you watch Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah?

What did you think?

One response to “Analyzing Lance Armstrong’s Nonverbal Behavior”

  1. Mr. Elmi says:

    Caro direttore, A mia paese si dice ” Ben venuto a casa” ti diro’ tutto la verita’ e lei mi contra
    campia, a questa circostansa Opra e Armstrong, si sono scampiate una verita
    di inizio che sig/ra Opra comincio’ la sua inchiesta, secondo il mio modesto op-
    pinione non posso intiuire che fine fara’.Ma potrei dire ambo le personalita’ las
    ciano un boun segno il mondo inchieste delle “Show” e’ il giornalismo. grazie

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