Pokertox: Botox for Poker Players?

According to Huffington Post, a doctor of aesthetic medicine in New York, Dr. Jack Berdy,  has just introduced “Pokertox,” a program of Botox and facial fillers designed to enhance a player’s “poker face,” their ability to hide any sign of facial emotion that might tip off other card players on whether they have a good or bad hand.

The process requires Berdy to consult with players about what they believe their “tells” are – the unconscious signals they give off to other players.

“Some people might get a card they like or don’t like and raise their eyebrows,” Berdy told The Huffington Post. “If that’s the common reaction, we can put Botox in certain areas to minimize them.”

For Berdy, “Pokertox” was a way to combine his occupation with his love of gambling, and he’s hoping to make a jackpot, especially since an application of “Pokertox” only lasts about three or four month, requiring further applications for players to keep up appearances.

But it’s not a sure bet for him. So far, no one has signed up for the service since he began offering it last week, and many poker players, such as Josh Hale, are skeptical.

Hale, who has competed on the World Poker Tour, thinks the idea may be 10-to-15 years too late.

“The game has moved on from bluffs, and is more analytical these days,” he told HuffPost. “Players might look at physical tells, but they are relying more on betting patterns and bet sizing.”

Do you play poker? What do you think? Would pokertox help give you an edge at the game?

2 responses to “Pokertox: Botox for Poker Players?”

  1. I have heard of this, though I never would have thought of it myself! I suppose if you are a professional poker player this makes sense. Of course Botox is used on the forehead, and sometimes for “crow’s feet.” If you have a tell somewhere else, you’re out of luck I guess!

    Dr Rhys Branman
    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

  2. Dr. Branman –

    Thank you for sharing you knowledge and expertise with the Humintell Community. We appreciate your feedback.

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