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Everyone has had points in time when they have lost control of their emotions.  Whether justified or not, it is important to try to be vigilant of your emotions and react appropriately to given situations.

Pop celebrity Justin Bieber found this out the hard way when he was photographed outside a shopping center losing his cool (May 2012).

According to Mail Online, he was accused of roughing up a photographer over the weekend outside a shopping centre.

 Photographs courtesy of FameFlynet.uk.com

The 19 year old pop idol was coming out of a movie theater with girlfriend Selena Gomez when the alleged altercation took place.  In the end, Bieber walked away with his head in his hands.

What are you thoughts on these images?  

What do you think his face and body language say about how he’s feeling?

3 responses to “Celebrity Emotions”

  1. Markus says:

    I get more frustration than pure anger/rage. I cant say why but i almost get a slight sadness mixed in there the second picture. It looks like someone who has had enough and cant longer control himself. There is no anger in the mouth. Mabey that is why i get a kind of sadness. Could’nt frustration persent it self like a anger/sadness mix?

    It must be very pressuring to be followed all the time by people with cameras. He cant really be him self, he always has to try to be professional. He is only human and you can only take so much.

  2. In the first two photos, I see anger. Especially on the forehead and eyes. THe last one, his face is not visible, but I would suspect it is a realization as to what he just did, and that he should have handled the situation differently.

    To @Markus above, while I get celebrities are constantly in the spot light, can’t be themselves, and are only human, I don’t give them much sympathy in this regard. Controlling their emotions is part of their job — even more so than the rest of us given the requirements of their job. If they can’t learn to do it, then leave your career and go get a job working in an office or factory where the demands of controlling optics are less. It is part of what you sign up for if you enter the celebrity world, political world, law enforcement world. If you can’t manage it, learn to manage it or get out of it. But staying in it, then having altercations in public is irresponsible and in my mind inexcusable.

  3. Thank you Mike and Markus for your comments.

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