Follow-up to Truth Tellers and Liars

Below are some comments regarding the videos of two mothers, Diane Downs & Erin Runnion, whose children were involved in horrific circumstances.

In our original blog on this topic, Humintell noted that it is extremely important to focus on all nonverbal behaviors, particularly facial expressions of emotion. We emphasize looking for inconsistencies between verbal and nonverbal statements, which we call hot spots.

As you seen in the videos, there is a HUGE discrepancy in the the demeanor of Erin Runnion and Diane Downs.

Downs often seems distant, emotionless and is even smiling in the interview during parts where it is very inappropriate. Her facial expressions tell a much different story than her words.

Fast forward to where Downs is talking about blood coming out of her daughter’s mouth. Downs actually smiles when talking about this subject numerous times- highly inappropriate and inconsistent with a grieving mother. She is obviously a very disturbed individual.

In Runnion’s confrontation with her daughter’s killer at his sentencing, there is a lot of raw emotion and you can see the pain and anguish on her face. There really is no mistaking how Runnion truly feels about the situation. Even from this side view, you can see clearly that her brows are pulled up and together and her lips are curled down- a true expression of sadness and distress.

Do you see something we missed?  What are your observations?

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