Truth & Deception: Hone your Skills & Help Others

Truth and Deception can be very similar and it often takes a trained eye and several years of practice to see the clues of when someone is being truthful as well as deceptive.

Watch the videos below and share what  you see with others, so that they can See What They’ve Been Missing!!

Some of you might be familiar with the cases below and some of you might not.  Knowing the truth behind each of these videos will not impede your ability to practice and hone your truth detection skills.





What do you notice about the body language/facial expressions of the people in the videos? 

What do you not see?


7 responses to “Truth & Deception: Hone your Skills & Help Others”

  1. Aaron says:

    The first video with the man he shows sadness before he breaks down lil hard to see much else. There’s something a lil off with him looking down and away but could be anything. Might be guilt but doesn’t seem like it.

    The second video with the woman I don’t see any signs of sadness at all and near the end with the interview it almost seems to be a microexpression of contempt but it may just be a facial tick as well.

  2. Austen Lothert says:

    The “grieving mother” is not grieving. Her facial expressions do match the the grief in her tone. Also there is no action in the eyebrows where you would see sadness and no downturn of her mouth that you should also see. In fact, she actually shows slight smiles indicating duping delight.

  3. Austen Lothert says:

    Do not match**

  4. Reuben Prevost says:

    The first video is typical of a grieving person. He looks away from the audience, but that could be anything; maybe guilt for not going with her.

    The second video, however, is different. Her emotions do not match her words. I saw instances of duping delight. No sadness. What do y’all think?

  5. Markus says:

    Apart from what has already being said. There a difference between them when emotions (supposedly)becomes to strong. In first video, when the man says “when i called her at 10 o’clock….” his emotions becomes to strong and he does not want to breakdown so he stops talking just to control him self.

    In the first part of the second video the woman does the oposite. She whines through the whole “you mama loves you so much…” part.

    I recognise that there might be a differences between individuals. I have seen this kind of whining when acting sad in several other cases, while people who are really sad often does what the man is doing. They stop talking to try to control them self from breaking. So i do personaly count that kind of whining a hot spot.

  6. Justin says:

    The woman flashes smiles almost the whole way through the video. I would suspect that she is lying.
    The man looks genuinely sad, but it looks like he looks at a someone in particular when he looks away, but as was said above he maybe trying to control he grief

  7. Markus says:

    I actualy have to change my mind on the first video. I think i should not have read the other comments. I think that effected my judgement.

    I watched the videos again. I belive i think i noticed a slight distgust expression on the man in the first video. Its right in the begining he says:

    “i recognise that she had’nt awaken ME(emphasising the word “me”) aum…(disgust?) but didnt think much of it…”

    I know that an expression is not a sign of lying but i think its a expression im not expecting to see in this context, if he is greving.

    Also there is some distress in the forehead and what looks like a slight headshake, when talking how he usually drive her to work but she drove her self that day. Im not sure what to make of that. It just sticks out. Why would he be emotional about that?

    Finaly in the end i noticed now that when he stops talking and looks away, it might be another disgust. Not sure as he turrns away.

    I would like to know what the truth is. I am familiar with second video but not the first.
    So from a learning perspective i would like to know how the first case ended. If he was lying i have to completely reconsider what i vrote in my first post.

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