Zachary Tomaselli Admits He’s a Liar

Last year, Zachary Tomaselli accused Syracuse Basketball Coach Bernie Fine of molesting him when he was 13 years old. His allegations were in addition to two other individuals who came forward claiming to be victims of abuse.

Today, Tomaselli admitted that he had fabricated the whole story and that he’s a “sociopath”.

66 year old Bernie Fine was fired in late November of last year, but has maintained all of the allegations are false.

Tomaselli, 23, is set to serve three years and three months in prison for sexually abusing a teenage boy in a separate case. He had pleaded guilty to those charges.

Take a look at some videos of Tomaselli discussing his allegations to Anderson Cooper below.

Do you see anything that raises a red flag?

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

4 responses to “Zachary Tomaselli Admits He’s a Liar”

  1. Luc Cipers says:

    Not so easy, this one. Here are my thoughts on the first video:
    – 10″: nodding his head (confirming his father’s denial)
    – 1’15”: shaking his head, non-verbally contradicting his own statement
    – 1’25”: “He had been abusing me”. Shouldn’t this be: “He abused me” ?

    On the second video:
    – 35″: again shaking his head,non-verbally contradicting his own statement

  2. jhon gomez says:

    I cant read much from this guy too; only the head nods Luc mentioned. He does not show any stress on the forehead or sadness-disgust when telling such a dramatic abusive story either.

  3. lucash says:

    It’s like he’s is telling a story about shopping.. i went to the market, buy some bananas etc..I’m missing any emotions here…being abused and no emotion? no voice pitch… Well its true that he has no emotion also when he speaks about his gay relationship (that I suspect to be true)… but … at least he’s shaking his head, when he has been confronted with his father..I’m not quite sure also about it

  4. tyler says:

    In the first video towards the beginning he has a partial shoulder shrug.

    Also, assuming I can accurately see his pupils, they are HUGE. Large pupils indicate positive feelings, possibly arousal. This would be odd due to the fact he is talking about being molested

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