How to Use Emotional Intelligence for Marketing

The marketing era of Social Media has not only arrived but is in Full Force!  Companies now depend on social media to fully market their products to the world at large.

The question is NOT should a company devote time, therefore money, to up-keeping social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, iContact, LinkedIn etc; the question is, is a company’s social media marketing as effective as it could be?

 How do companies effectively use sites like FaceBook and Twitter?

According to Ad Age Digital and Jonah Peretti, CEO of Buzzfeed a company needs to understand the emotional connections people have for social media sites and how those emotional reactions effect consumer behaviors.

“Understanding the social web doesn’t mean [just] being smart. Too often we’ll sit in a conference room and brainstorm the smartest strategy and try to find the smartest person to figure out how to get stuff to work on Facebook and Twitter,”  says Peretti

He went on to note that you need not just intelligence, but emotional intelligence to succeed in social media marketing.

Being smart” about social media is, “looking at a piece of content and saying, ‘If I saw this on my Facebook wall would I click it, would I have an emotion, would I want to share it with other people.”

Asking the question of whether this will create an emotion in a consumer is very important because it is those  emotions the call to action our and we will click on the things that  catch our attention but the things that stir an emotion within us we not only will click on but will share as well.

So the answer to the question above:

  • Make your post, tweet or side bar ad illicit an emotional reaction in your target audience
  • Ensure that, that emotion will lead to your product or event being shared
 “There is a big difference, depending on the platform, on what contributes to what spreads [via social sites] and emotional intelligence is key to succeeding at social media.”

Ad Age Digital Media Conference 2012 – watch a short video on Social Media Marketing.

On a similar note there is a New App, the “Smurk“,  that claims to be able to help companies gauge the collective mood of a crowd. has reported that users will be able to stretch and scrunch he Smurk’s face to the exact expression they are feeling and share those feelings via text, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.  This app’s information can then be applied to any place, event, or product.

Do you click on share links, or likes for FaceBook?

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