More than Meets the Eye

Humintell has learned that Maine law enforcement believe there might have been foul play in the mysterious disappearance of Florida Firefighter Jerry Perdomo.  He has been missing since Feb. 16 and family members stated that he drove to Maine from Florida to visit friends and has not been seen since.

Susan Constantine, Humintell’s Florida affiliate, was interviewed and asked to dissect the news conference video of  Perdomo’s wife for signs of deception.

Susan is a body language expert that has been interviewed numerous times for her expertise on nonverbal behavior/body language  in news stories where deception is detected.  Her most famous consultation was in reference to the Casey Anthony Case.

She has also been featured on numerous TV stations and in many articles such as US News‘ article on body language and job interviews.

“Most people are not cognizant of their own body language, of the nonverbal signals we send to others.  Nonverbal signals are sent all the time and can make or break (a job interview),” Susan pointed out during that interview. channel 9 have a video that shows Perdomo’s wife speaking about her husband as well as Susan Constantine’s evaluation of that video.

What do think about the nonverbal behavior of Perdomo’s wife?

Is there more to the story than what she is saying?


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4 responses to “More than Meets the Eye”

  1. Ed says:

    There are several hot spots in her media interview. My favorite was when she claimed to be ‘devastated’ despite the fact that she was smiling throughout the event. She didn’t show signs of puzzlement, anger (of a deliberately abandoned spouse), or fear that the missing firefighter may have been killed, injured, or otherwise victimized. Strangely, she seemed happy as could be and primarily concerned with enjoying her 15 minutes of fame in a narcissistic sort of delight. Her lip-bites at several key points indicate a possible concealment that should be followed up with more questions. Her statements about his helpful nature seemed truthful, as illustrator use went way above baseline and voice inflection and rhythm reflected a conviction that her other statements lacked. There are many other problems with the statement from a credibility standpoint as well. This one doesn’t smell right.

  2. Stu says:

    In my opinion, Tanya Perdomo knows more than what has been said, and doesn’t appear to be all that upset. I would think there’s a high chance that her and her husband Jerry have been fighting, perhaps she found out he was having an affair? Perhaps he found out she was? Truly, I do not know, this is speculation.

    However, some hot spots / clusters appeared around Tanya discussing her last phone call with her husband, and around their relationship itself. Also, she appears to be trying to hide what looks to me like duping delight.

    I’ve put a break down of my 2 cents worth here, image by image:

  3. Ed- You make some insightful comments about her demeanor. It is important to determine a baseline when trying to delineate truthfulness.

    Stu – I think it is pretty transparent that she does not seem too upset, which could be due to the fact that she does know more than what she is admitting.

  4. Stu says:

    Absolutely 🙂

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