Jaymie Adams

Jaymie Adams, from Blanchard, Oklahoma was missing since December 10, 2011 when her body was recently found in a wooded area.

According to her husband Justin Adams, the pregnant mother of three was last seen after she went to go meet a friend at a local Mc Donalds and never made it home. He then later recanted his story and said his wife was soliciting ads on Craigslist and was going to meet a client.

After her initial disappearance, Justin made an emotional plea, seen below. Do you see anything suspicious?

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  1. Todd says:

    I was hoping you were going to tell us.
    The only thing I noticed was a variety of mouth activities when he was getting towards the crucial bits. Lip licking, a weird tongue expulsion thing, lip biting. He doesn’t have anything else that is indicating he is anxious about giving a televised speech, so the mouth activity seems off.

  2. It’s really tough to say. At the end of the video when he says “I want you to know that I love you” it seems as though there may be some disgust there, but since it occurred with a sniffle it’s not clear it’s disgust. During the other parts of the interview he seems genuinely sad.

  3. michele says:

    If you think he is genuinely sad…you are sadly mistaken. I have proof that Justin *at the first candlelight vigil held for Jaymie* was texting another female, asking her to be with him. Also, those tears in this video are so fake…and I can say that with all honesty, due to the fact that I actually know Justin (otherwise known as JD) personally.

  4. Adapt2win says:

    1.His facial expressions seemed to be put on. (Made up) you can see this when he looks down to read from his paper there is a neutral expresion on his face like nothing ever happened, but when he looks up to the camera or people he makes a sad, worried face. This happens several times

    2. He took deep swallows at least 3 times. Which could show nervousness or fear

    3. at 0.14 seconds into the tape when he states that his wife is a loving strong women there was an expression of anger on his face. (May or may not mean anything)

    4. His left shoulder shrugged several times while mentioning certain details which might mean he is does not believe what he is saying or at the very least holding back info.

    Just my two cents.

  5. mercury says:

    Police won’t arrest somebody for no reason, they have found sure a strong evidence, now he knows it is not that easy to fool authorities and it is the time to pay back…I watched and heard her 911 call video on the net, asking for help to get away from him in Lowe hardware store, it is so sad …she was so soft spoken on that call

  6. I think his sadness is sincere, however that does not mean he is not guilty. He could be feeling sadness because his wife is missing (now dead), he could have potentially murdered her and still feel sadness she is gone — it doesn’t exclude him from it in my mind.
    Finally, if the reports are true, he could be feeling sadness because his wife was going to see a client and he had issues with that.
    Maybe he is feeling remorse as well.

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