Update: Niqab & Burkas Banned in Courts?

In the recent past, Humintell has blogged about the controversy surrounding head dressings and their use in court systems throughout the world.

On Dec. 12th a Canadian court official, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, ruled that Muslim women must remove their face covering such as the burka or niqab before reciting the Canadian oath of citizenship.

cbcnews Canada describes how the decisions regarding head dressings is effecting Canada’s  entire legal system.

An Ontario woman, whose name has been withheld, is waiting to hear if she can testify in a case with her niqab.  She is the complainant in a sexual assault case. The defending lawyers say that they want to and should be allowed to see her facial expressions.

Do you agree or disagree that she should be allowed to testify with her face veil?

In Quebec there is a “reasonable accommodation”  debate going on regarding face veils.  A woman was barred this past summer from being a Lac St. Louis Regional Soccer Association referee simply because she wears a niqab.

Read the rest of the article to see how this controversy is affecting other countries as well.

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