Emotion Quotient

Do you know your emotional quotient?

Greater Kashmir reports that emotion reveals a person in public through a wide range of physical changes and facial expressions.  It is also very difficult to hide your emotions especially microexpressions that flash on and off the face in a matter of seconds.

Emotions and moods are essential to our identity and existence as humans. However, its important to also note that moods are different than emotions.

Dr. Matsumoto defines emotions as immediate, automatic, and involuntary reactions to events that are important to us. Moods, on the other hand, are states of mind that may make us more predisposed to having a certain emotional response. For example, being in an irritable mood may make a person more predisposed to becoming angry more easily.

Author Nighat Hafiz, writes that individuals run through a series of emotions with different intensities and duration.  Moods and emotion are different from temperament and personality traits but a positive correlation cannot be ruled out. A hot tempered person’s trait of aggressiveness may reflect in his flickering moods and expression of anger. A calm person with his quality of soberness may afford to keep his mood pleasant in the worst situations.

To find out more read Hafi’z opinion piece “Emotions Make Us Human“.

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