Lie Spotters

What are the tricks to spotting liars?   Well, the answer is simple training, training, and more training.  The Huffington Post wrote about deception detection techniques used in the law enforcement and Intelligence world every day.

They suggest that extroverts lie more than introverts and that extroverts maintain their lies longer in interrogations.  Huff post writes that liars are verbal and gregarious as well as being strategic thinkers who can intuitively sense how others perceive them.

Another interesting tidbit is that men tell eight times more lies about themselves than others, while women lie more to protect others.

LieSpotting clue #2: Listen for distancing language and non contracted denials:  Watch as Bill Clinton says “ I did NOT” instead of “I didn’t” — that’s a non contracted denial.  Listen as he says “ THAT WOMAN … Miss Lewinsky”… classic distancing language

LieSpotting tip#6: Watch for gaps between someone’s words and their body language.  One of the most common deception “tells” is saying “yes” while shaking the head “no.” John Edwards is a prime example of this

Check out Huffington’s website for more interesting lie detection tips and videos:  Be sure to look at slide 10 Putting it all together of A-Rod and his denial of drug use.

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