Do You Believe Lance Armstrong?

Lance Armstrong, who is the 7-Time Tour de France Champion in cycling, has long been accused of using performance enhancing drugs.

Most recently, one of his former US Postal Service teammates, Tyler Hamilton claimed on 60 minutes that he had seen Armstrong inject himself with steroids on multiple occasions.Armstrong has long maintained his innocence. He was on Larry King Live back in 2005 denying the allegations against him. A short clip of his interview from 6 years ago is below.


Do you believe Hamilton’s claims? Do you think Armstrong was being truthful in his interview with Larry King? What hot spots or red flags do you see?

Take the poll on Eyes for Lies’ site and also see what she has to say.

3 responses to “Do You Believe Lance Armstrong?”

  1. Stu DUnn says:

    Straight away we see contempt and a single shoulder shrug. Fantastic look of contempt at 3.23 – at who? 4.48 he looks up & slightly to the right, which could mean he is making something up (unless he’s left handed, it’d be rever…sed). 5.07 “What did you actually witness?” His eyes flashed down to the right (often a sign of remembering), followed by contempt, then a jaw thrust. He then withdrew back while shaking his head saying “I saw it in his refridgerator”. I would suggest there are a number of hot spots here, distancing language, and worth watching an interview with Lance Armstrong 🙂

  2. Markus says:

    I dont know if it just me but the way he starts his answer reminds me of Bill Clintons defence speech against Lewinsky.

    Lance also says something like “as someone has come back from the brink of death, why would i risk my life again? NO i would never do that (shoulder shrug) that…no!”.

    As Tyler Hamilton says in the first video, that he had to use illegal substances to keep up with the cyclists because they were all using it. I dont think it would be any different for Lance when he came back. I doesent mather if you are the most talented cyclist in the world if you compete with other cyclists who uses illegal substances. If you are making a come back you want to stay on top. You are not making a come back to be in in the bottom when you used to be on top.

    Then he gets asked why he’s not suing. He answer that “its very costly and very time consuming”. He says he has the money and has done it before but it “keeps a bad story alive”. I saw that as a red flag. Why would’nt he sue? He wont keep keep a bad story alive. Would’nt he get redemption?
    As i see it the way he is dealing with now is keeping a bad story alive. Instead of clearing it things up and sue the persons that tries to drag your name and reputation in the dirt. He’s risking his whole reputation as the greates cyclist of all time (if he is innocent) is that not worth suing for? Would’nt you rather clear your name and be remembred as a great athlete?

    Well that’s my thoughts

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