Do you believe Aiden?

This 8-year old boy was subdued by police using pepper spray after threatening his teachers at school. Meredith Viera talks to the young boy and his mother on the TODAY show.

Do you believe them? What do you see when you watch this clip?

Thanks Aaron for the link!

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One response to “Do you believe Aiden?”

  1. Jim McGowan says:

    When you say “Do you believe them?” I presume you refer to the boy and his mother. I didn’t see anything overt from the school district spokeswoman or the police spokeman. I think I saw a just a hint of a smile on the boy right after he said that he would not have hurt anyone. And after that I think I saw a few signs of anger. As for the mother when she said that she has no behavior problems at home with her son at all I find that very hard to believe. Unfortunately the camera never showed her face when she was talking about that.

    I do believe that the child was acting in a threatening manner, but I have to agree with the mother that there are options other than pepper spray available to the police when dealing with children. Pepper spray should never be used on young children as it can be harmful to their eyes.

    Thank you.

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