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Pop start Chris Brown sat down with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America yesterday to discuss his new album “FAME”. The R&B star had laid low for two years after pleading guilty to assault charges against former girlfriend Rihanna.

In the interview below, Brown is asked a series of questions about the assault and restraining order.

At one point in the interview, Brown responds by saying “Its not really a big deal to me now as far as that situation. I think I’m past that in my life”.

What do you see? Do his nonverbal actions contradict his verbal statements?

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  1. Markus says:

    Around 0:54(56), as a response to if he seen Rihanna scince the restraining order was relaxed, it looks like a “snarling dog” expression (anger/disgust) before replying “I mean…”.

    At aprox 1:07 soon after sayin “go get that album” he inhales and his lips is narrowing and there’s a slight glare in his eyes.

    It looks like a few unilateral contempt expressions during the interview. But not sure the microphone is covering his mouth at moments.

    My intrepretation is that his anger/disgust is directed towards the interviewer and that he has to talk about what he did to Rihanna and not his music.
    He tries at multiple occations to steer the interview towards his music. At around 2:00 he does a bad job hiding his irritation when he says something like
    “im here to talk about the ALBUM THE ALBUM not something that happened two years ago”

  2. Frankie Slick says:

    Funny. Afterwards he destroyed a room in ABC building.

  3. LaforeT says:

    is he display contempt at 1:33 ?

  4. Javier says:

    NIce example to watch. I agree with Markus and his analysis. I think there is no contradiction with his nonverbal actions.
    He feels unconfortable with that topic.

  5. cameron forge says:

    NO wonder he showed anger and contempt….i think the more interesting question is the behavior of the interviewer bringing up the rihanna thing as much as the new album (no im not a fan)…it was like she was patting him on the back and slapping him in the face at the same time (which had greater emphasis though?) all the while thanking him for letting her talk to him.

  6. Notice his 2 disgust microexpressions when Roberts asks him “Have you all seen each other/been around each other?” (0:54 and 0:57). If you play it frame by frame, its pretty clear.

    Also, pretty clear anger at 1:08. Lips tightened and together, brows down.

  7. LaforeT says:

    did u all have to make the video slow and clear?

  8. Heather Swift says:

    Is he making a “shhh-ing” non-verbal as to quiet himself, contain a secret? Your thoughts?

  9. Bilbo Baggens says:

    i see the disgust and anger but dos anyone else see sadness many times throughout the entire clip.

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