Emotionally Intelligent People Make Better Workers

A new study entitled “The Relation Between Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance: A Meta Analysis” will be published in a future issue of the Journal Of Organizational Behavior.

The study was conducted at the Virginia Commonwealth University by Drs. Ernest O’Boyle Jr., Ronald Humphrey, Jeffrey Pollack, Thomas Hawver and Paul Story.

Emotional intelligence as defined in a recent article by Science Daily is “a measure of someone’s ability to understand the emotions of themselves and others”.

During the course of their study, O’Boyle and his team “explored the three prominent testing procedures of emotional intelligence and found that each reliably predicts job performance based on empirical data”.

Through their study, O’Boyle, et. al discovered that high emotional intelligence does have a relationship to strong job performance. As Science Daily puts it, “in short, emotionally intelligent people make better workers”.

To us, this makes perfect sense. In our various workshops, we often stress that reading emotions in others and then reacting well is the key to building rapport with others.

In addition, recognizing emotions is a major component of most theories of emotional intelligence and Humintell has the only validated tools to measure and train it.

You can read the article in full here.

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