Video- Six Types of Smiles

This one seems to be a little tougher…can you decipher these six types of smiles? Speaking of smiles, have you tried Humintell’s smile game?

5 responses to “Video- Six Types of Smiles”

  1. RickRobbins says:

    Enjoyed this clip, actually learned something.

  2. microx says:

    That is full of baloney. That is not a type of smile. Those are all separate emotions or situations that led to a smile.

  3. Markus says:

    I completely agree with you microx. There is no way you tell only by a picture or a this clip what the smile means. There is no such thing as a certain sile for example love. I belive the only thing you can divide smiles in is social/fake or Duchenne smiles mabey embarassment. All other types of smiles are, as microx said, baloney.

  4. HÃ¥vard says:

    I think Microx and Marcus misunderstand something here… or quibble about a definition. Perhaps because it’s not made explicit in this post. Of course there is only a certain set of muscles that define a smile, and they’re the same used in (most) of the expressions made in the video. But the very point is that depending on the felt emotion, other behaviour is triggered, and you can recognize that this behaviour, combined with the smile, signify particular emotions.

  5. Andrew says:

    smile #1- appears forced
    #2- coy
    # 3-embarrsement
    # 5 -joyful
    #6 -genuine

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