Living with Moebius Syndrome

A great article was written in the New York Times yesterday about Kathleen Bogart, a psychology researcher at Tufts University, who has Moebius Syndrome.

Moebius Syndrome has no known cause. According to the New York Times, it affects less than 100,000 children at birth, which results in total, or nearly total, facial paralysis.

A former student of Dr. Matsumoto, Bogart recently conducted a study with him that examined the ability of those affected by Moebius Syndrome to recognize facial expressions in others.

They found that while the social effects of having this disease are at times unbearable, it did not affect whatsoever, their ability to recognize emotions in others.

Take a look at this fascinating article by clicking here

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  1. Ed says:

    That suc*s..that would be horrible to live with

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