Looking for Hot Spots- Dr. Matsumoto’s Comments

We asked you to comment on the 3 videos below a couple days ago and to tell us if you see any hot spots. Thank you for your comments!

Dr. Matsumoto weighs in on what he saw:

Scott Peterson:

When Peterson is first talking about his hand at the beginning of the interview, he does hand shrug at 0:39 by turning his hand over when he is done talking. The hand shrug, as a normal shoulder shrug, may insinuate doubt.

While talking to Gloria Gomez throughout the interview, Peterston shows subtle signs of disgust throughout.

At 1:03 when Gomez asks something along the lines of “Did you continue to romance this girl” Peterson responds “no” but shows a very subtle sign of contempt on his left side.

At 1:17 when questioned, he shows a brief sign of sadness or distress before saying “it was a few days later”

The Heene Family:

Richard Heene seems to shift and seem uneasy, which may automatically make people assume he is being deceptive. However, it is hard to say this definitively without a baseline.

However, throughout the interview, particularly in the beginning when being questioned about “it was all for the show” comment, he does several hand shrugs. The exact times for these are 0:39, 0:55, 1:02, 1:06, 1:10, 1:11. It seems as though the more in depth in his story he became, the more he started hand-shrugging. This makes his statements that much more doubtful.

The Salahis:

It seems as though when asked if they were getting paid to do the interview, the wife slightly nods her head ‘yes’.

I would also like to add that increased or decreased blinking generally has nothing to do with a person being deceptive. It totally depends on that person’s baseline. Perhaps Mr. Salahi has an increased blinkrate normally. Just seeing this behavior on its own cannot mean that that person is being deceptive.

2 responses to “Looking for Hot Spots- Dr. Matsumoto’s Comments”

  1. Quote: “While talking to Gloria Gomez throughout the interview, Peterston shows subtle signs of disgust throughout.”

    No doubt, because what he wanted was to find his wife alive, not talk about the completely irrelevant Amber Frey.

  2. Maggie says:

    Soon after the contempt at 1:03 while looking down Peterson shows a sign of disgust by raising his upper lip just before he says “it was a few days after”. But at the same time be lowers his lip corners. Is that the sign of sadness at 1:17?

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