Vegas Undercover: Dateline NBC

Recently, Dateline NBC featured a show called “Vegas Undercover” that featured criminals being caught in the act.

Take a look at this video and see if you can decipher any discrepancies between their verbals and nonverbals such as micro or subtle expressions, or contradictory signs of nonverbal behavior.

These types of shows are often good ways to practice what you’ve learned about concealed signs of emotion.

The complete episode can be found here under “Vegas Undercover

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5 responses to “Vegas Undercover: Dateline NBC”

  1. Markus says:

    Great stuff!!! More of this please. I use both MIX2 and the SETT wich is a good way to begin to learn what facial muscles that are involved in each emotion. It is harder, i think, when these movements occur in a flow of facialmovments. Like in a real conversation. Not neutral-emotion-neutral like in these training programs.

  2. Daniel says:


    In the last video, which says ‘If I was a pimp, I wouldn’t do that’ at 00:20, after the guy says “17 or something”… Is it fear on his face?


  3. Did anybody catch the shrugs that Rusty made when being questioned by Chris Hansen?

    4:21 Chris asks “And what did you tell them?” and Rusty replies “I just showed them what somebody had showed me”…take a look at his right shoulder when he makes that statement. 2 quick shrugs. Not necessarily indicative of lying (although in this case it clearly is) but definitely a hotspot.

    4:24 Chris asks “And do you know how to do counterfeit money?” Rusty says “No, I mean just from what I’ve read on the internet and stuff” but he has a HUGE shrug at the same time…

  4. Daniel, Can you provide a link to the video you are talking about and we will take a look!

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