Put Yourself to the Test- Microexpressions and Beyond

How much do you know about microexpressions? Put yourself to the test!!

The first 10 people that submit 100% correct answers will receive a 30% off coupon good on any of our products. The next 10 who submit 100% correct answers will receive a 15% off coupon good on any of our products.

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The contest will end this Friday, November 6, 2009 at Noon, Pacific Time. The answers to the test will be posted Friday afternoon. Only 1 entry per contestant and 1 answer per question.

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Good luck!!

1.    Microexpressions were first discovered by:
a)    Wallace and Friesen
b)    Paul Ekman
c)    William Condon
d)    David Matsumoto
e)    Haggard and Isaacs

2.   How many universal expressions are there?
a)    7
b)    10
c)    6
d)    21
e)    Unknown

3.    Which of these statements is FALSE?
a)    Microexpressions are the premise for the hit TV show Lie to Me
b)    Seeing a microexpressions automatically mean someone is lying
c)    Microexpressions are uncontrollable
d)    All microexpressions last fractions of a second
e)    Microexpressions occur only on the face

4.    A discrepancy between a person’s nonverbal actions and their verbal actions is called:
a)    A definite lie
b)    Baselining
c)    A hotspot
d)    Macroexpressions
e)    Homicidal intent

5.    Microexpressions training can be used in which of these professions:
a)    Law Enforcement
b)    Psychological Research
c)    Teaching
d)    Sport Coaching
e)    All of the above

6.     The most common belief about liars (conducted in a study by over 90 scientists and 5,000 people in 75 countries) is that they:
a)    Blink a lot when they talk to you
b)    Don’t look you in the eye
c)    Shrug their shoulders a lot
d)    Fidgit
e)    Give off a lot of microexpressions

7.    Which of these statements are TRUE?
a)    Microexpressions can be faked
b)    Microexpressions include heart rate, blinking, excessive sweating
c)    Only truth wizards can see microexpressions
d)    Microexpressions often occur in high stakes situations-when someone has something substantial to lose or gain
e)    None of the above

8.    Microexpressions were first discovered
a)    Last year
b)    In the last 10 years
c)    Over 40 years ago
d)    Over 100 years ago
e)    Over 150 years ago

9.    Microexpressions last on the face for
a)    1 second
b)    A few seconds
c)    Less than half a second
d)    Half a second to 1 second
e)    A minute

10.    Microexpressions are most commonly seen in what type of situation?
a)    Arguments with loved ones
b)    Arguments with close friends
c)    Arguments with children
d)    Low stress situations
e)    High stakes situations

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