Which product is right for me?

You want to master reading others’ emotions, but not sure where to start?

Humintell offers the only validated online tools proven to teach emotion recognition by utilizing the Matsumoto Method.

The Matsumoto Method, developed after years of research by Dr. David Matsumoto, provides the foundation of the Humintell training suite.  The complete training package covers a full  range of emotion recognition ccourses for both beginners and advanced students.  The training starts out by covering microexpression recognition and works up to understanding sublte expressions.

Using a combination of slow motion video, detailed explanation, and various facial types, Humintell makes expression recognition easy to learn and accesible to everyone. No matter what your experience level is, Humintell has the right training course to suit your needs.

Never had any training before?  Start with our microexpression training and work your way up to sublte expressions at your pace.

Already have some training?  Then dive right into our advanced microexpression training.  Our training package is designed for people of all skill levels and supports you through the full array of emotion recognition training.

To see what you’ve been missing and to find out more information, please visit our website at www.humintell.com

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