What is the Matsumoto Method™?

The Matsumoto Method methodology was developed by world-renowned psychologist Dr. David MatsumotoBased on over 30 years of science, research and expertise in this field, Dr. Matsumoto has created a comprehensive  methodology to observe, analyze and interpret nonverbal behavior, including facial expressions of emotion and microexpressions.

The Matsumoto Method methodology allows professionals whose lives depend on reading people accurately to learn methods that are scientifically proven to be successful.

By learning the Matsumoto Method methodology, individuals will learn how to:

  • Verbalize the nonverbal behaviors that they observe in others
  • Know what cues to look for when detecting deception, reading emotions in others (including facial expressions of emotion and microexpression recognition), and reading nonverbal behavior
  • Learn to interpret things based on the context of occurrence
  • Perceive, analyze, verbalize and interpret nonverbal behavior in a very specific way
The Matsumoto Method methodology can be applied to various areas, including
  • product research
  • qualitative product research
  • market research
  • consumer research analysis
  • product testing response analysis

You can learn how to use the Matsumoto Method methodology and its application to your own business.  Instruction in the Matsumoto Method methodology is available through Humintell’s instructor-led workshops or via online training.

For more information on any of the Matsumoto Method online training courses, click here

For more information on any of the Matsumoto Method instructor-led workshops, click here

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