Take a look at what people just like you who have taken our training and/or attended our workshops say about Humintell:

Professor Matsumoto is a very energetic and effective speaker and was able to keep the participants fully focused on a Friday. It is obvious just how knowledgeable he is, and is, frankly brilliant

– Michael E.

The entire [statement analysis] class was extremely well-taught.  Lisa [Skinner, FBI] is so engaged in her topic that it’s infectious – very difficult not to pay attention and become involved in the topic(s) being taught.

– Jennifer Shockley, Unalaska Dept. of Public Safety (August 2014)

Ms Skinner is absolutely knowledgeable and a genius in regards to this training. I loved this class.

– Joy Policarpio, Kennesaw Police Department (September 2014)

The [statement analysis] course was an amazing learning experience and valuable for the Law Enforcement Field.  Keep up the great work!

– Sean Perry, Unalaska Dept. of Public Safety (August 2014)

Lisa is an extremely smart, intelligent and knowledgeable instructor. She is very excited and ambitious to teach her students. She is energetic and full of excellent information that I can take back and do my job. Through Lisa I have gained a lot of valuable information and enjoyed this 3 day course very much! Thank you Lisa

– Brenda Carney, Cobb County Police Department (September 2014)

The course was overall an incredible wealth of knowledge.  I can’t point to one specific concept that was not less important as the full complement of concepts.

– Travis Schiaffo, Unalaska Dept. of Public Safety (August 2014)

He was one of the most impressive speakers I have ever seen/heard. Interesting, intelligent, engaging and informative.

– Shawn D.

I loved the training and I’ve been raving about it with friends, family and anyone else who’d listen! Thanks so much for making these available to the public.

– Lee Roach

The ideas, concepts and skills I have gained from this course are truly life saving tools. This course is long overdue. Every law enforcement officer should know this information.

-Michael Mejia Central Marin Police Authority (May 2013) 

The instructor was very engaging, exceptionally knowledgeable and very good at the progression of the class. I only wish we had more time.

-Sergeant Rich Jones, San Francisco Police Department (May 2013)

I have been an investigator for 14 years and a cop for 28. I can say this stuff works!

-SFPD (May 2013) 

Thank you Humintell! With your help, I have honed and developed my skills in the world of emotional recognition and micro expression. My body language analysis videos have hit over 500,000 views on Youtube, and I owe a great deal of gratitude to Humintell and Dr. David Matsumoto for promoting my work, and for developing the world’s leading software on facial expression recognition training. If you want to learn from the best, use Humintell.

-Craig ‘CJB’ Baxter

I have been using Humintell’s products for some months now and am consistently impressed with the range and scope of all their activities.  I’ve completed the MiX training and was highly motivated throughout by the quality of all the content.  I cannot recommend Humintell highly enough and feel that everyone would benefit from their training and  published articles.

-Geoff Frewin, Business Development Director, Frewin Web Design Consultancy

The MiX and SubX training programs brought me the ultimate knowledge in microexpression recognition.  The MiX Elite program includes pictures in front view, 3/4 view and view of the side of the face [profile].  The SubX Elite is the highest level: It’s a must-take. I thank Humintell for having developed such great training tools

-Eric Goulard,www.ericgoulard.com

I have used Humintell’s online training tools for almost a year. The training has taught me how to recognize facial expressions that I’ve never recognized before.  The webinar training I attended taught me a lot about expressions and non verbal behavior in real world applications.   Both of these training tools have drastically improved my ability to detect danger, emotion, and deception in others.

-Keith Cederlund

It was universally agreed that the information you shared was relevant to their assignments and will prove to be a valuable resource going forward. Through a multiple variety of media, lecture, practical exercises and sharing of your personal experience and research, you effectively engaged and enlightened our detectives. Please accept our heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

Richmond Police Department

The class gave me a better understanding of how to read facial expressions, microexpressions, thoughts behind emotion and deception. Very interesting! I learned a lot!

-Cleveland State University

The instructor’s ability to convey and apply the use of facial/emotional reaction towards questions was excellent.  In the beginning of the day I had no clue of what he was talking about.  But at the end of the day I feel I have another tool to use.

-Richmond Police Department

Overall, the presentation was excellent. Its delivery was especially well done.

-US Marshals Service

One of the best presentations of any conference in the last 20 years. The Professor was very engaged and made learning fun. There was a great balance between lecture and application.

-American Defense Council

An excellent instructor with incredible knowledge.  I will look at people completely different.  I learned a valuable skill set.

-Menlo Park Police Department

All Material covered was relevant to police work. This is one of the BEST classes I have attended in my 17+ years of police work

-El Cerrito Police Department



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