Eric Goulard

Eric Logo fleur_url_2Eric Goulard is a nonverbal and body language expert and Humintell’s affiliate in France. He specializes in persuasion techniques and deception detection.

He offers online education and resources in the field of nonverbal communication through his website: and his blog

Goulard is an official re-seller of Humintell’s Microexpression and Subtle Expression Recognition Training Tools.

He regularly appears in the French media and is a writer for The Huffington Post France.
He specializes in credibility (detection of deception and persuasion techniques).

He has trained over a thousand recruiters and HR executives in France and Belgium over the past 4 years, about the nonverbal analysis techniques. Each year since 2008, he trains more than 500 managers and employees of large international groups (sellers, buyers, managers, recruiters, social workers, doctors, lawyers, etc). He also offers private coaching services.

“We are all able to master nonverbal intelligence and thus better understand our interlocutors to convince more quickly and easily.”

He is passionate about cognitive and behavioral sciences for over 20 years. He is very interested in the field of perception and social sciences to which he devoted several books:

– “Comment détecter les mensonges” (How to detect lies)
– “Comprendre et maîtriser l’intelligence non verbale” (How to master the nonverbal intelligence)
– “Ne vous trompez plus sur leurs intentions” (Available in English under the title “Body Language Secrets Revealed”)
– “Tous irrationnels” (About perception and Irrationality in human relations)
– “Oser forcer la chance” (Dare to force the chance)
– “Comment je suis devenu le meilleur vendeur de ma boite” (How i became the best seller in my company)

Eric is the first person in France to achieve Master Level on Humintell MiX & SubX Elite Microexpressions software.

For more information on Goulard and the services he offers, visit his website and his blog.  You can also follow him on Twitter and Friend him on Facebook 

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