MiX Questions Answered

I’ve never taken any microexpression training before. Which product should I start with?

If you have never taken any microexpression training in the past, we highly suggest you start with the MiX original. MiX teaches you to detect microexpressions in individuals when you are looking straight at them.

I’ve taken some microexpressiont training in the past but what to better my knowledge. Which product is best for me?

If you’ve taken some microexpression training before, or want to start with a more challenging training, we suggest you take MiX 2. MiX 2 will teach you how to detect microexpressions in individuals no matter what angle you are looking at them. MiX 2 features training from the frontal view, profile view (90 degree angle) and 3/4 side view. It is the only training that is available that teaches individuals to read microexpressions from all angles.

What are some other supplementary materials that you offer?

Humintell also offers MiX 2 Additional Training and MiX 3 as supplemental training materials.

MiX 2 Additional Training features only practice images from the profile, or 90 degree angle. There are no instructional videos or pre or post tests.

MiX 3

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