Humintell Training – Industry List

Would you bet your job on your ability to tell if someone is communicating honestly with you?

Humintell can even the odds.

For any professional whose work includes evaluating truthfulness, detecting deception, or assessing threats, the ability to see and correctly interpret the meaning of facial expressions and nonverbal behavior is an essential skill.
What do you do? Try the training and drop us a line about how Humintell helped you work smarter. Check out the benefits these industries are experiencing…

Law Enforcement
Learn interview “hooks”, signs of deception and hostile intent
Health Care Providers
Evaluate your patients more holistically
Find the facts
Get to the truth
Find the leverage to resolve situations by
Spot the cues to help you gain consensus
Jury Selection Consultant
Spot unarticulated preferences in potential jurors by:
Marketing Professionals
Use signs of emotion to influence behavior
Sales People
Spot the real buy signs
Poker Players
See the tells that no one can fake
Human Resources Professionals
See what people are really feeling
Better understand if your clients are experiencing concealed or repressed emotions
Social Scientists
Understand what your study participants truly feel: go beyond self-report
Know when your students are interested and know when they are tuning you out
Be the role
Achieve more realism in your art
Win emotional states and blue and red ones
Know when your opponent is fading or charging before they act
Game Designers
Use real emotional stimuli to make your game action more extreme and believable

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