Accurately Read People's Emotions, Know When They are Lying, Build Rapport, Enhance Relationships and Gain the Upper Hand in Negotiations!

What are Microexpressions?

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Led by Humintell Director Dr. David Matsumoto


Picture1Learn what gestures are, the different types of gestures that exist, and how you can use that information to better read people when interacting with them!

A fantastic supplement to our facial expression recognition training!

  • Understand what gestures are and their significance
  • Gain insight into a person’s motivation, personality and intentions
  • Understand what and how others are thinking

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    Posted in Deception, Lying on September 29, 2014

    In an interesting piece on Forbes entitled “Speak the Truth, Even if Your Voice Shakes“, Amy Rees Anderson gives some valuable tips about being honest on the job, especially if you are in a leadership role. Through her experience as a CEO she says “I found that one of the toughest things to teach people […]

  • 4 Gestures That Turn People Off

    Posted in Nonverbal Behavior, Science on September 25, 2014

    A new article featured on the Inc website suggests that small movements that you make–movements you probably aren’t aware of–could be the key to whether others trust you–or not.  The article features the work of Dr. David DeSteno, a Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University. The details of the study is outlined in this video. […]

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