Accurately Read People's Emotions, Know When They are Lying, Build Rapport, Enhance Relationships and Gain the Upper Hand in Negotiations!

What are Microexpressions?

How good are you at reading people's emotions? Take the quick online test and find out now!

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Missed our “The World of Gestures” Live Webinar?

Led by Humintell Director Dr. David Matsumoto


Picture1Learn what gestures are, the different types of gestures that exist, and how you can use that information to better read people when interacting with them!

A fantastic supplement to our facial expression recognition training!

  • Understand what gestures are and their significance
  • Gain insight into a person’s motivation, personality and intentions
  • Understand what and how others are thinking

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    Psychologists have scientifically proven that one of the greatest contributing factors to overall happiness in your life is how much gratitude you show. So take today (and everyday) to tell and show people how thankful you are to have them in your life! Happy Thanksgiving from Humintell!

  • Using and Understanding Nonverbal Communication

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    Originally published on Psychology Today by Jeff Thompson, a Ph.D. candidate researching nonverbal communication and mediation at Griffith University Law School. You can follow Jeff on twitter here. As someone currently researching nonverbal communication, I have happily (yes- happily!) read many books, journal articles, magazine articles, and blog postings in regards to this broad subject. […]

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