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Introductory to Reading People Program: How the Science of Nonverbal Communication Informs Everyday Interactions

7-2-2014 2-44-38 PM

There’s a whole world of nonverbal communication that most people don’t focus on, says Dr. Matsumoto, a professor of psychology at San Francisco State University and the founder of Humintell.

In this one hour recorded program, Dr. Matsumoto gives a brief overview of two of the most significant discoveries from the past 50 years of nonverbal communication research, and then focuses on how that science can help anyone who interacts with or observes people and wants to get additional insight about the personality, motivation, and intentions of those people.

Using videos to illustrate his points, this program helps viewers “separate the signal from the noise” and discusses what they can and can’t learn from micro-facial expressions and gestures.

Stay Tuned for More Details on This Program’s Release!


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