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What are Microexpressions?

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Led by Humintell Director Dr. David Matsumoto


Picture1Learn what gestures are, the different types of gestures that exist, and how you can use that information to better read people when interacting with them!

A fantastic supplement to our facial expression recognition training!

  • Understand what gestures are and their significance
  • Gain insight into a person’s motivation, personality and intentions
  • Understand what and how others are thinking

From the blog 

  • Study Reveals Origins of Facial Expressions

    Posted in Emotion, Facial Expressions, Science on August 28, 2014

    Why do our eyes widen when afraid and narrow to slits when disgusted? Research findings by Cornell neuroscientist Adam Anderson suggest that human facial expressions arose from universal, adaptive reactions to environmental stimuli and not originally as social communication signals, lending support to Charles Darwin’s 19th-century theories on the evolution of emotion. Anderson is an […]

  • Manipulating Emotions – The Effects of Social Media

    Posted in Emotion, News, Nonverbal Behavior on August 25, 2014

    Forbes: Entrepreneur delves into what really motivates people in this day and age!  How can people, companies, and groups spur us into action? There are plenty of options: advertising, marketing, and of course the ever popular and influential social media.  It has been revealed long ago that influencing one’s emotions can in turn affect their […]

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