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What are Microexpressions?

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Use evidence based behavioral indicators of veracity and deception in investigative interviewing.

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Spot the specific key facial expressions that signal imminent danger. 

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  • Bright Lights & Emotion

    Posted in Emotion on April 23, 2014

    Health has enlightened us on new research that suggests bright lights, including the sun, are not as comforting and positively associated as many people might think. So, can bright lights make you more emotional? That’s the question researchers from Northwestern University and the University of Toronto, Scarborough set out to answer in a recent […]

  • The Truth Lies in Our Eyes ?

    Posted in Deception, Facial Expressions, Science on April 21, 2014

    A new device is being held to detect deception by accurately reading eye behavior.  Broadway comments on this non-invasive lie detection method called EyeDetect. Scientists at Utah based company Conversus, which invented the EyeDetect and the computerized polygraph, claim that their device can detect whether a person is being honest or is lying through […]

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