Understanding One’s Own Emotions

Participants learn what triggers their own emotions and receive training and practice on how to better regulate their reactions when emotions are triggered. We discuss which aspects of emotional processes can be changed and which cannot – empowering participants to focus on those aspects that can be changed.

Participants learn how to:

  • Improve their knowledge of emotions and increase their awareness of their own emotional state
  • Improve their ability to make critical decisions through enhanced ability to regulate emotions
  • Conduct self-scans and identify the internal cues associated with emotions
  • Be better prepared to identify situations and events that are likely to elicit emotions

We provide instruction on the nature and function of emotion and the process of emotional arousal. Participants plot their own emotional profiles as well the profile of someone they would like to understand better. We also cover in-depth work on identification of emotional triggers, self-scans, and techniques for more quickly identifying emotional arousal.

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