Threat Assessment

The ability to identify the signs of imminent aggression or violence could mean the difference between life and death for some professions that require their employees to put themselves in the path of potential danger on a daily basis. This groundbreaking and revolutionary workshop combines the latest in scientific research from the perspective of microfacial expressions and statement analysis.

When elicited, emotions prime behaviors initiating unique, organized, and coordinated physiological signatures and mental structures.  In this course Participants learn the facial expressions and statement analysis techniques that are applicable not only when dealing with native English speakers but also with English as a second language speakers.

Humintell provides participants with an invaluable in-depth understanding of spotting key facial expressions that signal imminent danger as well as key elements of the analysis of verbal statements through a technique known as statement analysis that has been shown to provide reliable indicators of deception for individuals who intend to conduct acts of malfeasance.

Participants learn how to:

  • Spot the specific key facial expressions that signal imminent danger.
  • Recognize the key elements of analysis from verbal statements that are reliable indicators of deception.

This course is designed for all types of interviews, but is particularly powerful when used in brief, focused interactions, such as that which occurs at traffic stops, checkpoint security, and screening interviews.  It is invaluable to all law enforcement officers and investigators, particularly those who are in patrol, probation and parole, school resource officers, DA investigators, drug interdiction patrol, correction officers, and those in contact with the public such as desk officers and complaint intake officers.

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